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Wall heater with low gas emission of NOx Scaldaqua Plus
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    30 kW

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    2,7 ÷ 16,0 L / min (DOMESTIC HOT WATER PRODUCTION)

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Data referred to the 16S model

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It is available in 13 kW, 14 kW, 16 kW versions with very compact dimensions.

Energy saving
This product is made with advanced technologies called Strengthened Combustion (enhanced combustion) and Forced Combustion (enforced combustion). These two patents allow to use at best the thermal energy with high operational efficiency.

Ease of use
Thanks to the digital panel control with a large display, the user can communicate with the boiler easily and conveniently.

Intelligent microprocessor control system

The main component of Scaldaqua Plus is one of the most advanced mechatronic technologies currently available. The CPU chipset can automatically analyse and quickly set the optimal parameters for the operation, according to various data such as the amount of running water, the pressure, and the actual water inlet temperature.

Set the temperature with a touch

Simply touch the digital display to set the required temperature. The water temperature can be set between 35°C and 65°C, in order to satisfy different requirements with maximum ease of use.

Digital control to automatically keep the outlet water temperature constant

This function continuously checks the temperature of the outlet water by means through a sensor and transfers the data to a microprocessor. This adjusts the amount of gas, and water supplied to keep automatically the outlet water temperature constant according to the value set by the user and the actual inlet water temperature.

Multiple safety protections

This product has various safety protection, such as:

  • Self-control system protection
  • Auto-shutdown protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Protection against accidental power failure
  • Fan failure protection
  • Electrical overload protection
  • Current leakage protection
  • Protection against excessive wind pressure
  • Protection from excessive temperatures
  • Timed protection

“Al” Intelligent Artificial Memory Function

When it is restarted, the gas water heater can operate at the last previously set temperature. There is no need to set the temperature again: a great practical application of the ergonomics idea.



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